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Cloud migrations require serious business and technology consideration at a strategic level. Think about the cloud from a long term perspective. Whilst many companies initially move individual applications opportunistically to the cloud using different vendors this can, in the longer term, create challenges in terms of managing multiple platforms, contracts and service levels. Any major [...]

For those businesses yet to move any IT services or systems to the cloud it’s probably a good time for IT leaders to brief the boardroom on cloud technologies. Cloud offerings, services and numerous variants are opening up more opportunities for small and medium sized businesses who currently manage their own IT estate either onsite [...]

How businesses change the way they undertake corporate strategy may well be critical to future business prosperity. In January 2015 the Harvard Business Review reported on some research that suggested that company boards weren’t working. A majority of directors interviewed confessed that they didn’t understand their own corporate strategy or the dynamics of the industries [...]

In a previous blog I identified effective communications as being a strong contender for differentiating great project managers from the average. Soft skills training can play a valuable part in upping the communication skills for even the most seasoned project manager. However I also believe that coaching can also play a helpful part in raising [...]

What makes the difference between a great project manager and an average one? Being a strong communicator could be a contender. Communications is an under valued and under taught skill in the domain of project management. Communication skills’ often gets overlooked in preference to methods competencies or an assumption is made that project managers are [...]

In a previous blog I discussed the questions boardrooms need to ask before embarking on big data initiatives. Understanding an organisation’s position within an analytics maturity model can be a useful starting point before detailed planning commences for big data implementation. Additionally, developing an early understanding of the maturity model of big data can help [...]

A couple of years ago HBR and the Economist undertook some research to assess the financial value of the effect of “speed” on major business initiatives. Intuitively one might guess that the faster businesses pushed out new products and services the more successful they would be. It would appear that this is not the case. [...]

CEO’s can really help CIO’s by engaging with them annually on a small number of strategic issues that will require deep consideration by both the business and the IT function before they appear as initiatives in the IT programme. Below are seven questions for 2015 for CIO’s and CEOs to consider discussing together which might [...]

7 Things for IT managers to consider when implementing Change. There is an inbuilt assumption that IT professionals are change evangelists. Well, we might have to think again. Change initiatives may be no more effective in IT than in other parts of the business. The same individual behaviours, notably initial scepticism followed by ongoing resistance [...]


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