Client Services

IT recruitment by IT professionals means exactly that. We continue to actively work as senior IT consultants across a number of sectors and work both at the strategic and project level on a number of concurrent assignments with a variety of clients. We have over 100 years of first-hand experience of recruiting and building teams within IT/digital across all its technical and management disciplines. This real world experience gives us the opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with you about both the technical and personal attributes of candidates who will best fit into you organisation.

  • We will take the time to talk to you so we have a clear and concise understanding of what you are looking for both at the operational and strategic level. We commit to having an open and honest dialogue with you on your recruitment objectives. Our hands-on experience of performing and managing many of the roles we recruit for place us in a unique position to advise on job descriptions, core competences and salary/benefits.
  • If we do become aware of an individual who we feel would be a particular asset to your organisation, we can make you aware of them even if you are not recruiting, if this is something you ask us to do but other than this we will not send speculative candidate emails.

Why are we different?

In addition to our extensive experience of working in technology one of our key differentiators is the innovative use of technical “panellists”. Our specialist panelists help assess, short list and interview candidates. Panelists are selected from individuals who are experts in their relevant fields and are currently working within the industry so are perfectly placed to assess the required technical competencies to do the job from day 1. We balance candidate suitability by assessing both technical skills and soft skills. We strongly believe that fitting a candidate’s personality into a team is a key factor for successful recruitment and securing longevity in the selected candidate’s tenure.


Sourcing Candidates

We build tailored marketing campaigns for each role. Picking the right mix of digital and social channels is becoming a key success factor in sourcing the right candidates.  In addition to advertising on the best UK job boards we syndicate roles to a number of free job boards and we use social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn to source candidates. We use CV searching from a variety of respected sources and we are increasingly using data mining techniques to source and engage with passive candidates using email campaigns to target qualified candidates. We place a heavy emphasis on quality of candidates and not volume.


Our Ethics

We will only present you with candidates who we believe are a genuine match for the role and who have a realistic chance of being made an offer. We will provide you with a complete and honest appraisal of each candidate we present, giving you all the key information to assist you in your selection. We work to the highest levels of personal integrity and professional ethics.



Our rates are competitive, despite our range of value added services, because we operate a largely virtual business. We harness technology to collaborate and manage the recruitment process and this keeps our fixed costs down. We offer an early leaver payback on fees based on the length of probation and not on an arbitrary fixed period after commencement.


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