Our consultancy services aim to provide resources, support and objective insight to hard pressed IT departments/Leaders or business executives tackling strategic business issues relating to technology.

  • We provide a range of consultancy services that provide IT departments with scarce skills, specialisms and knowledge on a part time or on-demand basis.
  • We recognise that IT leaders can require specialist skills that are either not available internally when required or for whatever reason just don’t exist within IT teams for the times they are most needed.
  • Our range of consultancy services are totally tailored to clients’ needs.
  • We provide our consultancy services on either: – (a) A fixed price basis, where the deliverables are definable up front discrete (b) A fixed price, service/project based contract, based on a number of flexible days which can be called off over a specified time period or:- (c) On-demand services , based on a minimum commitment of person days.
  • We work across a number of sectors including Professional & Vocational Training, Higher Education, Professional Services (Accountancy, Legal and Property), Scientific Research, Regulatory, Libraries, Museums, Publishing and Media companies.

Our consultants have deep experience, skills, knowledge and relevant sector experience and have access to a range of internal support and knowledge designed to ensure consultancy assignments are always successful.

Virtual CIO

Our virtual and part time CIO helps hard pressed IT Leaders deliver their strategic objectives by undertaking either one-off strategic assignments or providing continuous assistance with IT strategic projects or governance. In the face of increasing complexity and rate of change our Virtual CIO can help IT leaders align IT activities with business strategy.  See our Virtual CIO service definition for the full benefits and approach.


We provide project consulting services at competitive day rates covering Project Management, Business Analysis, Programme Management and hybrid variants of all three. Our flexible project resourcing model is designed to offer, on a consultancy basis, experienced project resources on a part time basis and is an alternative to the traditional 5 day a week contractor model. See the full service description for Project Implementation consultancy.

IT Strategy

Developing an IT strategy that fits with an organisation’s direction and goals is becoming a key factor for long-term business success. We adapt the latest thinking and techniques to craft a strategy relevant to your business.  We offer three types of strategy development options – Traditional consultancy model, facilitated, or challenge. See our IT Strategy service for the full product description.


Workshop Facilitation

We provide a facilitated problem solving and planning service that aims to unpick even the most problematic business or IT issue and plan a path to remediation. The service comprises business problem analysis, workshops focusing on problem definition, options development detailed planning. The service is highly outcomes consensus and action oriented and uses established and best practice workshop facilitation techniques and methods.

Innovation Frameworks

We provide a number of services to enable companies to exploit the opportunities presented by implementing processes and creating a culture of innovation. We will offer advice on corporate wide adoption of innovation frameworks or more targeted and facilitated sessions to identify opportunities for innovation in specific business functions.

IT Due Diligence & Heath Checks

Loyal Retainers offer a tailored “IT health check” service for IT Departments which can be tailored  to support the conduct of a full IT due dillegnec for acquisitions/mergers . IT departments or their board level representatives can often be unclear on the true value and performance of the IT function.  See the full service description of our IT Function Health Check to see how it works and the benefits.

IT Project Rescue

The Loyal Retainers Project Rescue Service uses a number of proven methods and techniques to improve the viability of IT projects if they start to fail. Our project rescue approach can, through external, objective and experienced insight, get IT projects back on track. See our Project Rescue product definition for the full description of how it works

IT Coaching

Loyal Retainers have developed a specific coaching programme for IT professionals. Whilst IT professionals may have deep technical and management skills they may require coaching to progress in their current role or to the next level. We adapt and adopt the best coaching methods to make them relevant and engaging to IT staff at all levels. See the IT Coaching Programme for more details.

IT Mentoring

Loyal Retainers mentoring programme can provide real value and support to IT leaders either finding their feet in new senior roles or wishing to develop their careers beyond the technical and management competencies they undoubtedly already have.  See Mentoring for IT Leaders for the full product description


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