Project Rescue

The Loyal Retainers Project Rescue Service uses a number of proven methods and techniques to get IT projects back on track whatever the challenge. Some projects just go off the rails. Requirements and scope get out of control, budgets evaporate, timelines slip, technical problems arise, or the solution falls short of user expectations. Regardless of applying best practices and project management principles to an IT project some initiatives have a high risk of failure and some projects simply never get off the ground and occasionally some projects get to a stage where they are no longer viable. Our project rescue approach can, through external, objective and experienced insight, get IT projects back on track

What is Project Rescue?

  • A consensus based approach to providing short term project leadership to get things back on track and make your project a success
  • Through a variety of collaborative techniques and methods we identify the key factors impeding the project’s success.
  • We use a holistic approach to look at all aspects of the project including people, processes, technology, stakeholder management, communications and quality
  • A consensus based approach to re-planning and remediation

What are the benefits?

  • In our experience many struggling projects aren’t necessarily doomed to failure and that the collective wisdom of project teams can, if harbored and nurtured, turn projects around. However, getting a fresh, external and insightful view of project issues can be the key to getting projects back on track.
  • An intensive period of reflection, planning and action can, if facilitated properly, re-motivate project teams. We have the techniques to provide the insight, analysis and consensus
  • If relationships with vendors have broken down or are strained an independent and insightful view on the issues can bring quick insight into problem areas

How does Project Rescue work?

  • We implement a four stage approach to getting your project back on track – Insight, Consensus, Remediation & Support
  • Each project will have different challenges but a typical assignment will be 12-18 person days effort spread over 4-6 weeks
  • A key activity is a two day workshop as part of the “Consensus” stage, this requires attendance from key stakeholders and project team members
  • A final summary report with recommendations and remediation plan is presented to the sponsor and key stakeholders
  • A half day review is included after 4-6 weeks to assess the status of the project post rescue

Why Loyal Retainers?

  • We have implemented over 300+ IT projects in our careers and have a great body of knowledge to use as referral points for problem projects
  • We adopt current best practices for project failure remediation including pragmatic adaption of current thinking
  • Our approach is very people and consensus driven; Remediating projects from the outside can require real sensitivity and finesse


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