IT Recruitment by IT Professionals

We focus exclusively on recruitment for IT and digital professionals. We specialise on hiring in sectors where we have worked extensively and in which we have successful careers.  Our key sectors are Learning/Education, Publishing, Professional Services, Scientific & Research and start-ups. We typically recruit for mid/senior and specialist permanent positions across a number of technical and managerial roles.

  • We continue to work as IT consultants and this gives us a unique insight into solving scarce skill challenges and the personal and technical attributes that make for great hires.
  • We use a network of technical panellists to interview and assess candidate’s aptitudes and we use, where relevant, online assessments to gauge both technical and softer skills.
  • We have over 100 years’ experience operating in IT and digital professions up to CIO level.
  • We want to build long term relationships with both clients and candidates.  Our personal and professional values have been informed by being both clients and candidates ourselves. We aim to provide long term customer value and not just short term expediency through fast commission.
  • Every candidate we send to the client for interview will have a realistic chance of an offer.

Our summary for clients is here LR IT Recruitment Summary

Current Vacancies


We treat you as an individual and not as a commodity. Every candidate who applies for a position will receive timely feedback regardless of the status of their application. If short-listed, we will engage with you in a dialogue about the job and your suitability and career aspirations. We work to the highest levels of ethics and integrity. We have been job candidates ourselves and will treat all candidates in the way we would want to be treated – with respect and professionalism. Read More


We source candidates from a variety of trusted sources and use data mining tools to reach passive candidates. We build bespoke and tailored marketing programmes and increasingly use social media to attract candidates. We short list, screen and conduct our own interviews only using technical panellist experts who are currently employed in technology. Our ongoing careers and track record in technology provides us with a deep insight into solving scarce skills challenges. Read More


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