e-Learning Recruitment by Learning Professionals

e- learning  recruitment is a highly specialist area and requires deep insight and knowledge to source, assess and place the right candidates.  We focus on three key specialist areas:-

1. e- Learning

From instructional designers, e-learning designers, content creators to learning architects and CLO’s. We know the technical and personal attributes that make for a great hire and we use our extensive network across different recruitment channels to source candidates for these roles. Additionally, and probably uniquely, we use learning specialists, who continue to practice in the industry, to assess and validate candidates’ digital learning skills.

2. Learning Technologists

Configuring, developing and maintaining learning and student management systems can require specialist skills, aptitudes and experiences.  We can source and place candidates who have deep experience in learning and student technologies. We understand what skills and experiences make for great hires whether these are project managers, business analysts, testers or developers who specialise in LMS, LCMS, VLE, SMS and educational ERP platforms and systems.

3. On-line Tutors

Primarily focusing on IT and digital on-line tutors we source candidates both from education and professional practice. We use a network of technical specialists to validate candidates’ skills and assess presentation skills using a video assessment platform.

Our credentials in the Learning and Education Sector

  • We continue to work as consultants in the UK learning and training sector and this gives us an informed insight into the personal and technical attributes that make for great hires.
  • We use a network of digital learning panellists to interview and assess candidates’ technical skills and we use, where relevant, online assessments (including video) to gauge both technical and soft skills.
  • We have set up and managed digital learning functions and have extensive experience of implementing best of breed learning technologies.
  • We build long term relationships with both clients and candidates in the learning sector.  Our personal and professional values have been informed by being both clients and candidates ourselves. We aim to provide long term customer value and not just short term expediency through fast commission.
  • Our approach for both sourcing and assessing candidates means that every candidate we send to the client for interview will have a realistic chance of a job offer. We achieve this by involving learning/technology professionals at each stage in the candidate selection and vetting processes


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