About Loyal Retainers

Loyal Retainers were formed in 2012 and we have developed a loyal and engaging client base for both our consultancy services and, latterly, IT recruitment. Our consultancy business builds on our combined 50 years in technology and we formed our recruitment business in 2015 to provide quality IT professionals, typically at the mid/senior level, to clients in the sectors in which we have worked. We feel these two business lines are highly complementary.

We chose the name Loyal Retainers as it fits well with our philosophy of helping clients and individuals achieve their goals. The “Loyal Retainer” is a character in literature and film who aids the hero and fights for what they believe in. Loyal Retainers positively reinforce the main character because of their continual support and guidance throughout their journeys together. We thought this resonated well with our personal principles of doing business.

Gary Woodhall

Gary is the co-founder of Loyal Retainers and splits his time between IT consultancy and recruitment. His consultancy focus is primarily on IT Strategy and performing a virtual CIO role for a number of clients predominantly in the Learning and Education sector. He has over 30 years of experience in IT, and more latterly, in Business Strategy and Product/Marketing. Gary has worked as a CIO/IT Director for 12+ years within a number of sectors including professional services, legal, telecoms, education/ learning and publishing. Gary is driven and motivated in both his consultancy and recruitment roles by passing on knowledge and insight and supporting IT professionals with their personal and professional development.

Sandie Everett

Sandie Everett

Sandie is the co-founder of Loyal Retainers and focuses primarily on implementation consultancy and key account management for recruitment. Sandie has worked as a senior business analyst and project manager for the last 17 years and has delivered many highly complex and specialist business systems in the scientific research, museum, library, property and vocational training sectors. Her hybrid and technical PM/BA skills are often utilised by clients on the most challenging of assignments. Sandie’s stakeholder management skills ensure that both her consultancy and recruitment clients always get informed views, practical help, advice and wisdom.

Fran Tolcher

Fran joined Loyal Retainers  in 2016 and manages the operations and research side of our recruitment business. Fran’s fantastic interpersonal, communications and hands on skills have enabled us to translate our service and ethics philosophy into reality for both clients and candidates. Fran manages all of our recruitment processes and candidate, panellist and client relationships. Fran has a diverse and successful business background; she has set up and run a number of businesses from a garage to an ice cream retailer and many things in between. She has been able to quickly transfer many of her commercial and relationship management skills successfully into our recruitment business. Fran keeps geese and the two co-founders on their toes!

Loyal Retainers Core Values

  • Put our customers at the heart of every thing we do
  • Understand our clients needs fully and respond professionally and with integrity in servicing clients requests
  • Treat every recruitment candidate fairly, ethically and professionally
  • Share our knowledge passionately at every opportunity with our clients
  • Conduct our all of our interactions with a sense of fun, finesse, enthusiasm and professionalism
  • Inspire, motivate and empower our people and partners/associates
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity

Loyal Retainers Strategic Goals

  • Fulfil a proven and commercial business need for  IT services including recruitment, implementation and strategic consultancy
  • Broaden the portfolio of consultancy and IT services into each business sector where we operate based on forming strategic partnerships and engaging with associates
  • Become perceived in the sectors and verticals where we operate as innovators
  • Demonstrate operational excellence across all of our product and service portfolio
  • Develop strategic and long term relationships with clients and candidates  by providing on-going support and knowledge sharing/training across all our specialisms
  • Develop strategic relationships with associates and affiliates offering career flexibility, progression and choice to associates and strategic growth opportunities to affiliates and partners

Loyal Retainers Business Ethics

Our code of ethics is for our Consulting business is based on the Institute of Business Consulting Code of Ethics.

As business consultants we will:-

  • Put clients interests first, doing whatever it takes to serve them to the highest possible standards at all times
  • Consider for each potential new engagement the possibility of creating a conflict of interest, of the perception of such a conflict, and , if such a conflict is identified, take all reasonable steps to protect the interests and confidentiality of each client
  • Act independently and objectively, and exercise professional care to establish the facts of a situation and bring to bear an informed and experienced judgement
  • Allow any action or recommendation made, if necessary, to be reviewed by my professional peers to confirm that I have acted in a proper way
  • Continue to develop my business consulting competencies and keep up to date with best practice
  • Where assignments are based on a T&M basis we will always account for time accurately and honestly
  • We will never make promises we cant keep and will always follow through on our promises
  • We will never recommend products or services that out clients do not need

In the interests of customers, affiliates, associates, business partners and other key stakeholders we will:-

  • Ensure that we properly understand their interests and respond to them in a balanced manner
  • Establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on mutual confidence and trust
  • Refrain from entering into any agreement or undertaking any activity which is unlawful or anti competitive
  • Ensure that agreements entered into or activities undertaken are consistent with the interests of our organisation and demonstrate good management practice
  • Neither offer nor accept gifts, hospitality, or services, which could create, or imply, an improper obligation
  • Safeguard all confidential information which comes into our possession


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