IT Coaching

Loyal Retainers have developed a specific IT coaching programme for IT professionals. IT leaders are increasingly being asked to take on more responsibilities in order to shape, not just respond to, business change through technology. As the IT function becomes more central to business thinking so the need to for IT Leaders to interact with and influence business executives is becoming more important. Additionally, IT leaders are being asked to become more innovative, outward looking and customer focussed. Whilst IT professionals may have deep technical and management skills they may require coaching to progress in their current role or to the next level. Coaching may also be required for more prosaic reasons such as (a) When a company has a number of talented employees who are not meeting expectations (b) When a company has a small group of individuals in need of increased competency in specific areas (c) When an IT leader needs assistance in acquiring a new skill to meet additional responsibilities.

What is our IT coaching service?

  • A 6-8 week programme of 121 based coaching sessions focused on task-oriented assignments. We focus is on concrete issues, such as managing more effectively, becoming more innovative and learning how to think strategically and developing effective management skills and styles
  • We see coaching as short term. A Loyal Retainers coach can be successfully involved with a coachee for a short period of time, maybe even just a few sessions. The coaching lasts for as long as required, depending on the purpose of the coaching relationship. Typically we suggest a minimum of six to eight sessions.
  • We see coaching as performance driven. The purpose of coaching is to improve the individual’s performance on the job. This involves either enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills. Once the coachee successfully acquires the skills, we are no longer needed.
  • Coaching may require only minimum design. Coaching can be conducted almost immediately on any given topic but may required a short design phase before coaching commences (This is included in the cost). If a company seeks Loyal Retainers to coach to a large group of individuals (6-8 is optimum), then an amount of design is involved in order to determine the competency area, expertise needed, and assessment tools used, but this does not necessarily require a long lead-time to actually implement the coaching programme

Our approach to IT coaching?

  • The coaching model is typically sponsored by a coachee’s manager
  • Loyal retainers agrees up front some high level objectives with the coachee and the coaches manager
  • The coaching model is based on 4 phases – 1) Orientation 2) Reflection 3) Revision 4) Action & Planning
  • Each stage can flex in terms of length but at minimum siz weeks is required to complete the full programme. On-going coaching after this first tranche is far more flexible and less prescriptive in terms of approach
  • Typically after each session some thinking based activities are given for the coachee to complete before the next session
  • A one-page plan is developed during the caching session. This is based on the “Business Plan You” coaching model. The plan should be private to the coachee
  • We typically propose coaching for 6-8 sessions @ £120 per session (1st and last in person – if In London); The remainder of the sessions are via Skype or Google Hangouts
  • We will review with the coachee and coachee’s manager after the last session to agree any follow up

What are the benefits of IT Coaching?

  • The coaching model has been tailored specifically for IT Leaders and its based on current coaching models with proven success rates
  • The coaching whilst based around a standard model is adaptable in terms of focus and outcomes
  • The coaching model is delivered remotely so its very flexible around coachee’s availability, additionally:-
  • The coaching can be done outside of normal working hours, although starting coaching after 8.00pm is less productive. (Remote) coaching at weekends is available
  • Fits well with the Loyal Retainers Mentoring programme. Upon successful completion of the coaching programme we discuss the required next steps and our IT mentoring scheme may provide on-going support to senior IT managers in particular. Mentoring is more relationship based than coaching and longer term and does not require any input from the coachee’s manager
  • Coaching is particularly useful when a manager takes on a new role and is especially important when a manager becomes an IT Director or CTO/CIO.

Why Loyal Retainers?

  • Many coaching programmes are generic and do not focus on the specific issues and challenges facing IT Managers – Our coaching programme is informed by and designed exclusively around IT Managers facing specific work or career challenges
  • Experience of coaching of staff at all levels for 30 years in IT and management positions in all functional IT disciplines
  • Access to an extensive knowledge pool of IT best practices
  • Access to generic professional coaching best practices through one of our Affiliate company’s {insert}
  • Delivered by former CIO with very strong listening and people skills


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