IT Health Check & Due Diligence

Loyal Retainers offer a tailored “IT health check” service for IT Departments. IT departments or their board level representatives can often be unclear on the true value and performance of the IT function. How well the IT department is “doing” and the contribution it is making to business strategy and success can often be determined by either a few stakeholders or by recent project successes or failures. This can potentially influence investment decisions and IT goals, which if left unchecked may focus on the wrong areas. Furthermore IT departments organisations can often be based on a older models of operation and may not reflect on new customer demand or the changing models of delivering IT as a service. Lastly, uncertainty about perception, value and performance within an IT department can sometimes lead to defensive behaviours which can be counter productive in terms of morale, productivity and staff retention. Our IT Health Check is based on a set of proven techniques and benchmarks and tailored to each client to ensure its focus is on the key challenges that IT functions may be facing.

What is an IT Function Health Check?

  • A high level assessment of the “as is” state of an IT function or department
  • A quantitative view of perceived value and performance from a range of external stakeholders
  • A qualitative view of organisation competencies and capabilities
  • External benchmarking against some key metrics

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a clear and objective “state of the nation” on how the IT department is perceived and performing
  • Provides a basis for remediation and recovery
  • Provides a basis (in conjunction with an IT Strategy) or re-focusing investment and or resources
  • External benchmarking against some key metrics can provide focus for performance or quality improvements

How does it work?

  • Typically sponsored by a CIO/CTO or business executive responsible for the technology function
  • The assessment is managed as a co-operative and consensual process from the outset. It should be seen as “we are doing this ourselves with some external, objective help” rather than “we are getting in consultants to tell us how badly or well we are doing”
  • Typically a four stage process is followed – Insight, benchmarking, analysis and review
  • Each key outputs from each stage are reviewed by the project sponsor and shared with the project team

Why Loyal Retainers?

  • Extensive experience of designing and transforming IT organisations
  • Deep insight into every IT function and organisation
  • Collaborative and consensus based approach
  • Flexible and adaptive methodology – will focus on key IT pain points
  • Ability to cut through to major issues quickly and summarise to executive audience
  • Remediation and improvement focused
  • Knowledge transfer approach providing IT managers with a tool kit for overseeing the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT function


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