IT Mentoring

Loyal Retainers IT mentoring programme can provide real value and support to IT leaders either finding their feet in new senior roles roles or wishing to develop their careers beyond the technical and management competencies they undoubtedly already have. Loyal Retainers have developed a mentoring programme specifically for IT Leaders, typically for IT Directors, CIO’s and CTO or other senior managers. Senior IT leaders are facing a demanding cocktail of raised expectations to deliver to an increasingly strategic and a rapidly changing agenda and IT landscape. IT Leaders are expected to be managing upwards and sideways with polished finesse and develop their direct reports into strategic thinkers whilst delivering faster, leaner, cheaper solutions across the whole technology landscape. IT Leaders are increasing eschewing formalised training for more informal ways of learning on the job. Our mentoring programme is specifically designed for IT Leaders

What is our IT Mentoring programme?

  • Our mentoring is relationship oriented. It seeks to provide a safe environment where the mentoree shares whatever issues affect his or her professional and personal success. We focus on specific work related learning goals or competencies as the basis for creating the relationship
  • Our mentoring programme is typically long term. Mentoring, to be successful, requires time in which both partners can learn about one another and build a climate of trust that creates an environment in which the mentoree can feel secure in sharing the real issues that impact his or her success. Successful mentoring relationships last nine months to a year
  • Our mentoring is development driven. Its purpose is to develop the individual not only for the current job, but also for the future. Having an external mentor can provide new perspectives on work related challenges and development goals
  • Mentoring requires a short design phase in order to determine the strategic purpose for mentoring, the focus areas of the relationship, the specific mentoring models, and the specific components that will guide the relationship

How does our IT Mentoring programme work?

  • Mentoring sessions are typically 90 minute sessions once per month for 1 year @£150 per session within a rolling two month contract
  • The first session is in person (South of England/London) the remainder of the programme is remote
  • We would review after six sessions
  • For specific development goals we use similar techniques implemented for our coaching programme
  • In mentoring, the immediate manager is usually indirectly involved. Although she or he may offer suggestions to the employee on how to best use the mentoring experience
  • The mentoree’s manager has no link to the mentor and we should not communicate at all during the mentoring relationship. This helps maintain the mentoring relationship’s integrity.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhances strategic business initiatives & encourages retention
  • Reduces turnover costs and improves productivity
  • Elevates knowledge transfer from just getting information and to retaining the practical experience and wisdom gained from our mentors.
  • Enhances professional development
  • Links mentoree’s with valuable knowledge and information that they cannot get within the organisation
  • Our mentoring model has been tailored specifically for IT Leaders and its based on current mentoring models with proven success
  • Our mentoring model whilst based around a standard model is very adaptable in terms of focus and outcomes
  • Our mentoring model is delivered (largely) remotely and online so it fits around coachee’s availability, additionally:-
  • The coaching can be done outside of normal working hours, although starting coaching after 8.00pm is less productive. (Remote) mentoring at weekends is available
  • Our mentoring programme fits well with the Loyal Retainers Coaching programme. Upon successful completion of the coaching programme we discuss the required next steps and our IT mentoring scheme provides on-going support to C level managers in particular
  • Mentoring is particularly useful when a Manager takes on a new role and is especially important when a manager becomes an IT Director or CTO/CIO.

Why Loyal Retainers?

  • Delivered by a CIO with over 30 years in IT, with 10 years experience as IT Director, CTO & CIO
  • Mentoring focussed on strategic IT and leadership issues across a number of sectors
  • A particular focus on helping the mentoree develop proficiencies for themselves and their direct reports in presenting compelling visions of IT-enabled business opportunities
  • Personalised curated content delivered via social channels
  • A flexible delivery model mixing online with out of core hours support
  • Always on “occasional” email support


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