Virtual CIO

Small and medium sized businesses have to address many of the same technology challenges that large organizations face, but either  lack the strategic guidance necessary to exploit opportunities presented by IT or their senior IT managers need help on solving strategic problems. Furthermore, many companies do not have the budget for a permanent CIO and may not have technology represented at Board level. To address these issues our virtual and part time CIO service helps executives and IT leaders understand how to act in in the face of increasing complexity and rate of change in technology and align IT activity with business strategy. Our virtual CIO provides clients and their IT departments with strategic advice on the latest technologies as well as on how IT can deliver competitive advantage in their market and help run their businesses better.

What is our Virtual CIO service?

  • The Virtual CIO helps lead in the assessment, planning, design and leveraging of new technologies that will deliver strategic business benefit
  • A part time and consultative role for SME’s who may not have a full time CIO/CTO or board level IT representation
  • Focuses on the strategic application of technology in the clients sector specifically covering Professional Services (Accountancy, Legal and Property), Education & Training

How does our Virtual CIO service work?

  • Typically 2-4 days per month on a scheduled basis or on an ad-hoc basis
  • The client can either pick a number of trends or technologies OR the Virtual CIO selects a number of technologies relevant to the clients sector

The benefits of our Virtual CIO service

  • Senior executives get a strategic understanding of key opportunities or risk mitigation of key technology trends in their sector
  • Rather than waiting for problems to arise, the Virtual CIO will proactively recommend solutions, services and business changes leading to higher sales and improved margin
  • Senior IT managers develop a better understanding of the strategic application of IT in their sector
  • The Virtual CIO can provide support during a disruptive business change such as a merger or acquisition
  • The Virtual CIO provides unbiased assessment and guidance
  • The Virtual CIO provides a real and cheaper alternatives to hiring a permanent CIO or hiring consultants for one off projects

Why Loyal Retainers?

  • Only a few select individuals have the experience and leadership skills to assume the responsibilities of a Virtual CIO.
  • Loyal Retainers offers one of our senior executives to fulfil this role on a regularly scheduled, or as-needed basis.
  • Our Virtual CIO has over 15 years  IT Director/CTO/CIO experience in this roles


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