IT Strategy

Developing an IT strategy that fits with an organisation’s direction and goals is becoming a key factor for long-term business success. Technology is changing rapidly. Core business success is now inextricably linked to investment in technology in the right areas and alignment of IT activity is becoming essential for businesses to survive and prosper. Developing an IT strategy and road map significantly improves the chances of IT contributing to long-term business value. IT strategy development requires extensive experience, rigour and sector insight whilst pragmatically applying strategic planning processes and frameworks. No strategy is ever the same, either in its focus, approach or output. Loyal Retainers bring a pragmatic and rigorous approach to IT strategy development. We adapt the latest thinking and techniques to craft a strategy relevant to your business issues and the opportunities and challenges present in your market sector. We have over 25 years experience of crafting IT strategies in various sectors

In Summary

  • We develop a clear picture of how technology should be best utilised to support corporate strategy and goals. The final output is typically a 10-15 page PowerPoint with appendices and is usually presented to the executive sponsor and lead technologists
  • The strategy is designed to be read and understood by non technical stakeholders and free from technical jargon
  • We typically focus on the 3-5 year horizon and the steps required in broad terms to deliver the strategy
  • The strategy is expressed in terms of (a) The relevance of business goals and the critical success factors required to prioritise IT investment (b) The business demand for IT services and the opportunities presented by new technologies (c) The technology required to support business goals and stated strategic demand and (d) The organisation ” control” aspects required to deliver the IT strategy e.g. is an appropriate IT steering group in place
  • A complementary and supplementary series of interim outputs, generated at each stage of the strategy build process. We use these to substantiate and ratify the final report. These outputs aid transparency in the development of the recommendations

Our approach to IT Strategy

  • We offer three flexible options for IT strategy development– (i) A traditional consultant lead assignment whereby we manage the process on your behalf whilst ensuring full engagement of all internal stakeholders (ii) Client lead but facilitated and coached by us; and (iii) A Strategy “friendly challenge” where we review and advise at each key stage
  • We adapt and adopt the proven models of strategy development to assess demand, supply and control aspects of technology.
  • We adapt proven IT strategy processes and frameworks to create the IT strategy
  • Typically we will recommend a workshop based approach for key stages this enables common sharing of challenges, opportunities, contribution from all key stakeholders and consensus building towards the final report
  • We will always include specific focus on innovation, the top 3 new technologies in your sector and market/competitor benchmarking
  • We will work with your technology team at every stage and ensure that there is coaching and mentoring provided to your senior IT leaders in IT strategy tools and techniques
  • The final outputs can be tailored to the audiences and can, in addition to the final presentation include bound reports or creation of internal marketing collateral

Benefits of undertaking an IT Strategy

  • Rigorous and benefits driven approach to IT strategic planning ensuring that technology strategy development and business strategic planning are working in harmony
  • Depending upon the client need we can re-orient the IT strategy process around different business drivers e.g. assessing the efficiency of the company’s spending on technology or how innovation can transform business operations etc.
  • We don’t just focus on the technologies themselves but the business drivers required to prioritise technology investment and the (pragmatic) control required to ensure long term benefits realisation
  • Long term ownership of the strategy as key staff are coached in undertaking this process going forwards
  • Implementation oriented – we ensure that the strategy has sufficient hooks and actionable next steps to ensure that there is immediate and planned follow though to ensure successful implementation

Why Loyal Retainers?

  • We have deep experience of IT strategic planning >25 years
  • We focus on knowledge transfer of methods and best practice so you are more able to become self sufficient. We work with your key people to ensure they have the knowledge and techniques required to implement the strategy once it has been approved.
  • In advance of the final report we produce high quality interim outputs at each stage
  • We follow through – a half day review, 3 months after strategy approval included as part of the fees
  • More follow through’s – On-going curated content provided to your key technical and business stakeholders after the strategy has been implemented
  • Flexible IT strategy approach will suit different budgets and maturity models for strategy development
  • We place a particular emphasis on external benchmarking and the implementation considerations necessary to turn concepts into business value relevant to your sector.

We are informed by…

  • Gartner
  • TOGAF – Enterprise Architecture development
  • Cranfield School of Management
  • Harvard Business School
  • MIT
  • COBIT (Governance)
  • CIO Network


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