Mike Collins

Mike reported to Gary at Kaplan UK
During the course of our careers and indeed lifetimes, if we're fortunate, we encounter individuals who are truly inspirational. People who have presence. People who can lead by the force of their personality and take the rest of us on their journey. I've had the fortune to work for two such individuals in my career. Gary is one. Gary is a natural leader. He possesses those qualities you cannot buy, learn or steal: integrity; intelligence; charisma and humour and he has used them to effect in weaving together the people, processes, technology and belief to deliver an exceptional portfolio of work. During his time at Kaplan, Gary developed the IT function from a basic support team into an effective, corporate IT department with the capacity to design, develop and support the company's commercial, learning and business platforms. Gary has all the attributes of an exceptional executive. He is commercially astute, highly articulate, strategic, incisive and direct. He has the ability to cut through the noise, expose the essential facts and take the required action. I worked with Gary for over 4 years and at times during that period, he simultaneously led Information Technology, Marketing, Product Development and Corporate Strategy. Above all else Gary is a communicator, a people person, who develops, mentors, supports and inspires the people about him. The esteem he is held in by those who have worked for and with him is a testament to the work he has done and the person that he is. Gary has the ability to succeed in whatever path he chooses to pursue and I have no doubt that he will do. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Gary, I would strongly recommend you do so.

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